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Agent won't run (yes, I've read the FAQ's)
~Fritz Nonponeplopoopsi 11/07/2003 01:51 AM
Domino Administrator 6.5 Windows XP

Please note that I have in fact read the Agent FAQ. I'm getting the following error when I run a test on a scheduled agent:

Agent will not run. LotusScript/Java Restrictions on 'CN=BigSilver2/O=Home' do not contain 'CN=Adam NotesGuy/O=Home'.
Agent scheduled to run on 'CN=BigSilver2/O=Home'.

I've tried a ton of things. First I started with the same configuration that is working on a 6.02 server (note that I am running 6.5 on this server). I've tried adding my fully qualifiede name to all of the "Programmability Restrictions" fields (it appears that the field in question is the first field) on the right side of the server doc (I recycled the server after each change). I tried adding my name to an admin group and then adding that group to the fields. No dice. Any ideas?

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